What is the best modern design for a company bicycle rack?


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My company has finally realised that the current bicycle rack is old fashioned and not suited for bikes with fat tyres(mountain bikes) or skinny tyres(racers). Much space is wasted with the old rack because the bikes cannot fit next to each other and if someone tries there is a risk of damage.

I have been asked for suggestions on what sort of bicycle rack should be used. It would have to be suitable for many different bikes, mountain, commuter, racing and e-bikes. Currently we have bikes in many dedicated areas. Some have a roof, like a car port and others are locked and enclosed areas for the more expensive bikes. Space is tight in these.

This seemed nice:
Key Bike Rack
Soft finish for expensive bikes, not a bike type specific design, easy to lock to, not too much space needed.

My company is a manufacturer of silicon chips and so modern design might be looked upon more favourably for the more public areas.

This is fun but not for the company:
Girlie rack 44 in use

Have you seen and or used anything you really liked and better than the old style slot tyre in type racks?


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It might be worth contacting your local council's travel planning section to see if they have a scheme for companies. Often they have grants for companies installing infrastructure that encourages sustainable transport. Bike racks would be included as well as shower and changing facilities.


Marky is in the Austrian Alps BTW...


Sorry craig, I was posting that in case Cap'n didn't know as he was recommending contacting the local council.


Very helpful...




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Hi Guys,
Thanks for the replies. IG is correct. I am in Austria. Great for cycling. A good idea is still a good idea no matter where I am. I will leave the grant side of things to the company. Its very big, biggest in the area and already has electric charging stations for cars and a few for bikes. Sadly its not the so modern thinking when it comes to bike racks. I think the guy in charge doesn't ride bikes!!

I liked the spiral. Hoops seem quite a good option too.

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