What is the best lcd out there ?


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Nov 29, 2004
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I'm considering buying the sony KDLV40A12U @ £2000 is this a good choice or should I be considering somthing else ? I dont know much about the tech side of things and am a bit Apprehensive this is a lot of money to me, and therefore I would like to get it right first time, I have read through the threads here but am only becoming more confused, hopfuly someone with the right knowage will steer me in the right direction , :lease:

What is your budget?

Are you looking for the best LCD or the best LCD for £2000?
My answer would have to be the best lcd, but would hope not to spend more than £2000 I seen the sony KDLV40A12U for £2000 is there better for the money , or is this as good as it gets, I dont know what i should be looking for in an lcd, and am the kind of person who would let the sales man talk me in to a deal, so before I go in to the shop I would like to know what I'm buying is based on the advice of people with no desire to make a sale, just honest advice,
If budget isn't an option well there is a new 65" Sharp LCD in the window of John Lewis in Oxford Street i think which is £13,500 - i think :rolleyes:
If you are looking for something around £2000 to £2500 then with a 37" to 40" panel I suspect that the Philips 37" 9830 will be better than the Sony.

If your prepared to spend another £1000 or so you should have a look at the Loewe range.

I am sure there will be other members with more opinions though...........

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