What is the best DVD player for Sagem Axium 50"?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by johnsagem, Jan 21, 2005.

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    Jan 21, 2005
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    Hello folks,

    I've read with interest the many postings on the Sagem Axium, in fact these forums helped shape my decision to buy one.

    I also got a D-VHS player, and the D-Theater titles look fantastic on it! My X-Box also looks great.

    However, my old Pioneer 525 DVD player was quite dissapointing. Colours looked washed out, lots of grain etc on all but CGIs and a few well mastered disks.

    I upgrade to an end-of-line Arcam DV88 which on my 28" looks fantastic, but on the Sagem although it looks better than the old pioneer, it is still quite dissapointing. It's connected using a 50 quid component lead.

    What I'm now wondering is,how much of an improvement would I notice if I went for the DV88Plus with progressive scan? There seems to be a lot of debate about how much difference progressive scan makes?

    My D-VHS is connected to the progressive port, so 720p is only a couple of hundred lines more than DVD if I'm correct? Atmittedly I don't quite understand the whole 1080i 720p thing (i.e. does it scale down to 720 because it isn't quick enough to do all 1080 lines progressively?).

    And if I went for one of the newer models, assuming the HDCP issue can be resolved, would one with an HDMI connection make a huge difference?

    I realise that current generation DVD is never going to look as good as D-VHS especially on a 50" screen, so I don't want to spend more money unless it's going to make a huge difference.

    My R3 copy of Hero for example I've heard from other people looks great on a big screen, but on mine it looks like a 3rd generation VHS! If I use PAP and put it into 4:3 then it looks great on half the screen. Shame there isn't a menu option to view films in a 28" or 32" window in the middle of the screen!

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    You will notice a hell of a difference mate have you got your xbox hooked up via component ?
    If so then the dvd picture will be the same as when you play a DVD in 720p or 1080i etc.
    I have my xbox setup via componnet and use xbox media center to play dvds which supports 720p the pic is excellent almost as good as DVI from a PC.
    720p is a res of 1280@720 lines and progressive.
    I find progressive 720p to be the best but some say 1080i each to thier own I suppose.
    The best type of connection IMO is as follows

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