What is the best data-only plan?


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As per title. Other than Giffgaff (local signal poor) who offers the best value for money plan?
I'm looking for up to one GB per month.
I currently use a £10 goodybag for my iPhone, but daren't buy their data only sim (£5 up) in my new tablet.
I'm prepared to leave Giffgaff if I can find that deal I'm after, but prefer PAYG and no more than £15 tops, per month.
Thanks AVFers. :)


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You're looking at this the wrong way around. Worry about which network gives you the best coverage first, that's your only priority until you know the answer.

The 'best' tariff is the one that works best. It's pointless having unlimited everything if you can barely use it.

You've already worked out that GiffGaff is no good, so you can also discount O2. Have a test with the other players and that will give you your answer.


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My Mrs has a Tesco Mobile PAYG SIM. They triple any credit you add, so a £10 top up becomes £30 with the extra £20 lasting a month. This is for talk and text only.

However they also do a data bolt on at £5 for 500mb and £7.50 for 1Gb.

Problem for you is they use O2 network again....but for my Mrs it works out great.


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It seems like most of these companies that use O2's signal offer the best data inclusive budget plans.

I have the same problem, have a wonderful £10pm PAYG plan with O2, but their signal is so bad in my local area, especially my work.

What I've done is ask around whenever I notice people with a reliably good signal where mine is shocking, to see what network they're on. Orange seems to be the best for my area, but they don't offer any PAYG plans anywhere near as good as O2:(

Are there any other networks(besides T-Mobile) that piggyback Oranges signal?


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Blyk use Orange
LycaMobile use Orange and 02, depending on certain factors
Abica use 3, Orange, and T-Mobile


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Blyk shut down in the UK some time ago, didn't they?

LycaMobile are focused on international calling rather than data, so are not a great choice for data use. They also disconnect your SIM after 80 days if you don't make a phone call or send a text message, so again not great for a data-only device

Abica is business only, specialising in SME.

Sorry to ruin your efforts, but they aren't particularly good suggestions for the OP.


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Pending coverage, Three is the obvious choice here.

Great speeds & No throttling or capping of speeds.


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Another vote for Three from me. I have a rolling monthly 1GB data sim for £5.11 per month. Not sure if they offer it any more but think it is basically a SIM with Internet Max added to it.

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