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What is th best Home cinema and hi Fi speaker mix - ~£700 budget?


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I have been out of the audio arena for a while now but have been doing my reading. I really wanted some folks tips on the best options with a approx £650 budget.

I have pretty much fixed myself on the AV receiver:
Onkyo TX-SR608 - £330
Yamaha-RX-667 – £300

My main issue is what speakers to mix in, please could anyone suggest the best mix of speakers. I was looking at the following:

Mission MX1 - £150
A front and two small speakers from the Tannoy HT S101/ Cambridge audi S325/S215 suites.

Many thanks for your help.

A stupid question but would the bookshelf speakers cover the front or rear?[/FONT]

Cheers Mark
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I am steering towards the yamaha 667, but intended on testing it and the onkyo. Struggling to get clarity on what speakers to try with it in a test in the shop so came on for some advice/suggestions?


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well i haven't heard either of the speakers there bit i did test both receivers and the onk was very hard and aggressive sounding the yammy was the opposite, smooth and rich and probably a bit too relaxed. so what speakers will suit one prob wont so suit the other. not that im an expert but i think youll need to pick one component first and then you can pick the other based on what pairs up well with it.

btw i ended up buying the yammy if that helps


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Just a suggestion, take a look at the Whardedale 10.0 home theater systems, but rather than buying it as is, change the front speakers to 10.1 or 10.2 and the subwoofer to something from BK Electronics.

The same can be done with the Monitor Audio BX system. It is just a tad more expensive than the Diamonds. Though the BX1 should do well in front, you could jump to the BX2, which is the equivalent of the Diamond 10.2.

In a different vein, consider the full Q Acoustic 2050 5.1 system. The fronts are floorstanding, and while the Sub is OK, I think you will get more for you money with a BK Sub.

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10 HCP HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/5622 for details

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10 HCP HOME CINEMA SPEAKER SYSTEM WITH SW150 SUBWOOFER - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/6739 for details

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.1 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/5486 for details

WHARFEDALE DIAMOND 10.2 SPEAKERS (PAIR) - available from Superfi UK Visit http://www.superfi.co.uk/index.cfm/page/moreinfo.cfm/product_id/5589 for details

Q Acoustics 2050 Floorstanding 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

The innovative BX1 squeezes the performance of a much larger speaker into a format that's easy to enjoy anywhere in the home. - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

Compact in size, but equipped to reproduce sound of immense stature and detail, the BX2 is our new definitive budget blockbuster. - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 AV - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

The Sub in this MA Bronze 5.1 system is over £400, you could substitute something for BK Electonics and bring the price down -

BK Electronics - Subwoofers

Another alternative, it to start with good speakers in the front (bookshelf or floorstanding) and forego the Subwoofer for now. Subs tend to be very expensive and if you can delay that to a later purchase, so much the better.

Say, something like this -

Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited Monitor Audio Bronze BX5 AV - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

Minus the +£400 sub brings the price down to about £800.

Monitor Audio Bronze BR5 AV Speaker Package - Quantum Electronics (UK) Limited

Just trying to give you some perspective.



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Thanks Steve and Mark

Great that folk are willing to give up time to help a random on the web.

Yes this has given me some perspective. Athetically the Q acoustic 2050 series looks really nice. Also the wharefedale diamond option seems nice and perhaps closer to my budget. I was looking to get both amp and speakers for around £700. Prob did not make that clear.

Given my room layout. Im looking for bookshelves preferably at the front and small ones at the back. I might be able to get the thin small floor standers from something like the Q acoustic2050. Is the Q acoustic 2050 just the 2000 but with floorstanders at the front? This got a very good write up inn what hifi.

Getting to the point what would your view be on a system with bookshelves at the front and small satellites at back. Secondly is it important to get one make for the whole system? Also Im forgoing the sub for the moment as suggested.

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