What is speed camera data for?

Lee James

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It seems a lot of people want to know where speed cameras are.

I was just wondering why?

I'm sure some people will use the information for speeding, but I would hope that this would be a minority of (irresponsible) people.

The only other reason I can think of is to use it as a warning for knowing where accidents may be more likely. But surely that could only lead to complacency or give false confidence when you're not in those areas? Surely any good driver will always be on the look out for potential dangers, all the time?

Or is there some other reason I'm not aware of?

I only ask because I'm buying a sat nav, and if there's a good reason for speed camera detection, I would like to know about it.



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Erm well I can't speak for others but there are so many speed cameras around and if like I, do a lot of driving no matter how careful you are one day your gonna become a croppa and get caught by one of these and since it means paying a fine and 3 points on your licence for 3 years it matters where they are! Not all of them are in clear noticable positions.

Suffice it to say the more you pass the more likely your gonna get caught unless your a hedgehog :) Since I must pass on an average week 35 or so and double that on a non average week then hopefully you can see my point.

With that I'm not going to go into any further detail why I think anything that tells me where a camera is and what speed I should be doing is a godsend. Although I've managed to survive X years without any such devices I haven't escaped the flash of the camera.


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I drive for a living. Some roads have very poor signage, with trees blocking limit signs. Sometimes I miss the signs, because there is too much going on.
A speed camera warning not only tells me about the possibility of a camera, but also reminds me of the speed limit.
While the majority of fixed cameras are easy to see, the database also alerts me to mobile sites.

I certainly don't use my satnav (or my snooper detector) as an aid to speeding. I drive for economy 99% of the time, and I'm often found at the head of a queue, sticking to the limit through villages or roadworks. Even the most careful driver can speed unintentionally.

Until car manufacturers fit intelligent GPS speed limiters (which I would welcome), I'll use all the aids available to avoid speeding.


Like the other 2 responses, if you drive a lot of miles, your more likely to slip up and miss a speed camera some time.

If your satnav pings a warning for each camera, then you're more likely to keep your licence clean.

If you're a 100% perfect driver who observes every speed limit and notices every camera, then you won't need to know where the speed cameras are.

The AA now publish camera locations in their map books, and they know a lot about motoring, so I'd say it's good information to know.


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Unless your like me do 40 - 50k a year AND never speed;)


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I have a motorbike its virtualy compulsary to speed :( so its a very usefull addition


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It seems a lot of people want to know where speed cameras are.

I was just wondering why?

Surely any good driver will always be on the look out for potential dangers, all the time?................


Does anybody seriously believe these things serve any purpose beyond generating revenues?

The roads in this country are in a very poor state and road markings are poor and confused. The speed limit on many roads is unclear (do they do this deliberately?) and on occasions seem to make little sense. I use several dual carriageways that have 30 limits. As previous posters have pointed out its all too easy to drift a little over the limit unless you maintain 100% concentration on your speed. Personally I try and devote as much of my time and concentration to looking out the window. Its called looking where you are going and is generally considered a good idea!

The police actually like the speed camera warning systems in the TT's. All they do is tell you the speed limit, how fast you are going and where the cameras are, all stuff the signs should tell you anyway. Its only reinforcing the info they are legally obliged to tell you! How could they fine you for speeding if they didnt tell you the sped limit? What they dont like, although they are still legal, are the units that have radar and laser detectors, these tell you if the camera box you are approahing is active or not! As far as I know (I dont have a TT yet) none of the TT units have laser/radar DETECTORS.

Personally if I get a TT I will be getting a camera database. I want more info on the speed limit, my speed and whare the cameras are. I think the system is principally for revenue generation and camera placement will get more obscure in the future. As we become more aware of cameras (people are now driving much slower then they were in the past) they will need to protect their revenus streams, this will without doubt result in more cameras in places designed to catch the drivers. We will need all the help we can get to stay legal.

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