what is referance master volume level with dvd calibration dvd


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hi all recieved digital vidio essentials dvd yesterday pal vertion region 0,

after wading through the numerous tracks/chapters there is info on test tone setup, but dvd states set amps master volune to (REFERANCE LEVEL) in the hk507 manual it states set to -15db for the spl -75db set up,

i was going to try dve with 3802 ,denons manual does not gives a master volume referance level as a starting point.

should i just set master volume to normaly listening level then adjust?????
there are lots of test tones on dve i do not want to risk ding any damage to speakers etc.

thank you


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You should calibrate at the sound level you are most likely to use - for cinemas this is supposed to be 80dB (so I go for this) but a lot of people like it a bit quieter in their livingroom and go for 70dB.

If you calibrate at one volume it does not mean it's calibrated for another volume.


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The master reference level on the Denon is 0db on the volume display. Set it to that then play the test tones from the DVE disc and balance all the channels to 75db with a sound meter.

Playback at 0db will then equate to reference level but you'll find a lot people play back at lower volumes like -10db, -15db. They refer to this as 10db below reference, 15db below reference etc etc.

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