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I'm looking for a 32" tv and would like one where the auto switching doesn't distort or crop the picture. i.e. it will zoom the image until either the side or top reaches an edge and then zoom no further. This would mean a 14:9 has black bars down the side and a 2.0:1 has black bars along the top. However all the auto switching I've seen appear to try and fill the screen by distorting the picture.

On various web sites I've noticed that the Panasonic PD30 has what they terma JUST mode but without an explanation of what it is. Does anybody know if this is what I'm looking for?

Is there any other make which does this. In a shop it's hard to test as the images shown don't switch through the various ratio possibilites in a nice ordered fashion.

I then have to hope I geta good model !


As far as I know, Just is Pana's method of turning a 4:3 ratio picture into a widescreen image. This is how it was explained to me and an engineer told me to leave it in it. I keep it on permanently and notice no switching between modes, which you can get in auto. Generally very good results.

Hope that helps! :D


Just mode takes whatever it is fed and stretches it to fill the entire screen, but it is clever in that it keeps the centre portion of the screen the same and gradually starts stretching the picture out to the sides to make it less noticable. If the camera pans in this mode you will notice it looks a little like a fish eye camera. When the auto mode detects a 4:3 picture it puts the tv in just mode.



That is exactly what I didn't want as the stretch effect causes weird effects when panning, as well as making people standing on one side appear to have one shoulder bigger than the other.

Why can't the tv makers believe that since we want to see the picture as the director intended this doesn't include distorting it simply to fill a screen?

Phil S

My Panasonic TX28PL10 has an Auto setting which does just what you want but only from a Sky box, freeview box VCR or DVD with Scart Pin 8 WSS switching. On analogue off air broadcast it will try to stretch the picture unless you intervene manually. It has Auto, 4:3, Zoom, Super Zoom, 16:9, 14:9 and Just modes all controlled by the remote and will let you set the picture to practically any way you want.

I've heard that on some of the later Panasonics they changed some of the options with negative effects.

Its by far the most versatile WS switching that I've seen compared with some others including Sony, JVC and all of the cheaper makes particulary as you don't need to access menus to change the mode.

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