What is on your TV Screen when playing audio CDs on your DVD player?


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The reason I ask is because my cheapo Medion DVD player displays a big bright blue still image- not good for my TV screen! I have the hassle of changing the contrast / brightness / colour settings every time I use audio CDs.

I would like to know if in upgrading my DVD player that it is likely to have some sort of screen saver, or even a blank screen option.

So what does yours do?



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why would you turn your tv on in the first place when listening to cd's? unless ofcourse you listen through you tv speakers?

on my year 2000 sony dvd player you could select your background (all black/blue/image/screen cap/etc.) and after 15 minutes it would show a screensaver (black screen with small logo changing position)


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I have satellite speakers for 5.1 from a Toshiba 32 ZP38. I have to turn the TV on to get any sound, and if I switch to another extension, say to view the TV, then I get the TV's sound & not the CD's.

From the matter-of-fact tone of the replies, I guess I'm doing something very simple wrong. However, it would be good to get it sorted and I appreciate the responses.


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Don't think you are doing anything wrong since most of us would listen to CD via a stereo or AV amplifier, not via the TV.

Actually I do this currently, too, since my system is back home in Germany while I am stuck here in Taiwan with a 29" and a cheap DVD player.
Anyhow, the Shinco player I have initially shows a blue screen but later activates a simple screensaver (DVD logo moving around in changing colors on black background).
My two Yamaha players (in Germany) would just show a blue screen, but then they are connected to an AV amp so that the TV will usually be off.
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