what is known as twin-tuning

Discussion in 'Digital TV & Video Players & Recorders' started by tspoon, Nov 30, 2004.

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    Hi All,

    just getting to grips with my new Tosh XS32. I'm like a kid in a toy shop.
    I even recorded 'Changing Rooms' the other day - sad, I know. But I call it 'testing'. Anyway, I work in the IT world and cannot get my head around this small matter.

    Why is the DVD recorder not intelligent enough to be able to record from sky channel 401, while I watch channel 101 (BBC1) for example.. Why does it only recorded to the channel you are watching?

    In the old days of videoplus, you could scan in the number and the recorder would just record from that number, regardless of what you were watching, as the videoplus number matched, the channel ID, and the specific program. It would know that Eastenders was on 101. So have we gone backwards or is it silly old me. Just don't understand why I cannot select a specfic channel on sky and say "record that channel, at that time from sky channel xxx". End!
    Or as someone was trying to explain to me - you need a twin tuner.

    Thanks for any advice, in simple terms

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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    sky box has parts a reciever to colect signal from dish this includes the "tuning" a decoder to extract the video from the noise and crap... and a a decryptor to make sure you pay to watch it....... the box is only cable of outputting one sky channel at a time to your TV so to wacth Sky sports1 and record corrie for the missus use DVDR analogue tuner to get BBC1 and sky to watch sports... and vice versa (problem somes when you want to watch and record 2 sky only channels for this you need either 2 boxes or sky+

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