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What Is It With All The Drawers & Cupboards?!


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I'm looking for a simple cabinet, two units wide by three high in light oak. I thought it would be a doodle to source but no. Everything seems to festooned with drawers or cupboards, either making it too wide or just not enough space for kit. I'm amazed that so much seems to designed for only one or two components. :(

Nearest I've found is the Alphason Ambri ABR100-LO which although only a 2 x 2 config, would probably do with a bit of selective stacking in the larger compartments. But again it's spoilt by a useless (IMO) 160cm compartment in the middle. :facepalm:

Does anyone know of a cab that meets my needs? :lease:


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Yeah pretty much.

I was looking for a 2-2-2 layout and just couldn't find anything, everything has drawers or cupboards, and there is a lot made for very small systems, or people with very few items, but as soon as you end up getting a half decent set up there is almost nothing reasonably priced that actually works, after looking for over 2 years I've got a local carpenter to make me exactly what I want.


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after looking for over 2 years I've got a local carpenter to make me exactly what I want.
I'm beginning to think that's the only option other than to completely separate TV & stereo systems. But then I don't really have the space for that. :(

I would have thought that there would be at least one manufacturer producing a modular system. Surely wouldn't be that hard to do?


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I've been looking for something similar for weeks and I'm really struggling too. All these 'media storage' cupboards that really are a waste of space. There's loads of places to store DVDs away from the TV, I want the space for my equipment that needs to be as close to the TV as possible!

I quite like the look of this stand: Alphason AD3/105-PB - Alphason AD Series - Alphason Stands - Stand and Deliver, although Alphason have discontinued it for some reason (seems to still be available to buy many places though). The only thing I would like is carpet spikes which it doesn't seem to have but otherwise the dimensions are right for me to hold my amp and Xbox on the bottom shelf and centre speaker on the shelf above.


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Personally I hate those open designs as it makes hiding cables so much harder.

I currently have a pair of Ikea Opplis bolted together. I may even be tempted to take a saw to them if I can't find what I want! :eek:

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