What is horizontal banding?



i have a pio 668 running on a sony fs76 via rgb scart/

not always noticable.. but mostly on my SG1 dvds where there is a moving "light" source i can see it duplicated at the same level on the dark source next to it.. as if the moving light parts have been stretched across the screen.. sorry for my probably confusing description, but is this horizontal banding, and is there any adjustments to counter this.. pressing the prog scan button cures it.. but maybe other settings in the menu ?


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I have the same problem with a 565 and panasonic T.V. using R1 discs and RGB, this problem disappears when switching to S video.
Unfortunately I don't know its cause or cure but it is a well known problem here.



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Zoidy, what happen when you use the 668 on prog scan mode, apart from solving your problem? Does the PQ improve? I have the same Tv and I'm looking for the best universal dvd for this (bearing in mind that this is a non progressive display)


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Had the same prob with my panasonic and ch505 with region 1 disks,called panasonic cust service and they told me that the dvd ntsc output was at fault,bought a sony dvp930v and now the banding is not noticeable but i still get minor banding on bright screens on my pal telewest digibox.Others have mentioned adjusting the dvco in the tvs service menu but for me this did not help.

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