what is firmwire?

teched whfsv

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michaelT1888 said:
What the hell is firmwire(dunno if thats exactly what its called) cos i have a PSP and have never heard of it

Do you mean FireWire (aka iLink aka IEEE1394, a kind of high-speed data link) or firmware (the operating program inside the thing that makes it work)? I suspect, given that it's a Sony product and the company does love its iLink connections, you mean the former...


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Hah, the bast*rd child of firewire, and firmware.

The latter I assume, as firmware gets a lot more attention than firewire in PSP terms. What he said above.


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The PSP doesn't have firewire but does have firmware so I'm guessing the latter! :D Basically the firmware is the system software that the psp is running. You can check yours by going into the system settings menu. Firmware is mentioned so much because version 1.5 can run unofficial "homebrew" software from memory card very easily.

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