what is everyones favourite wii game(from my selection)?

what is everyones favourite selection of games(my selection)

  • wii play

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  • wario ware smooth moves

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  • red steel

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seeing as my first 360 thread was sucsessful ive decided to create a wii version.

Note: this first poll is my favourite games i just want to know for my own reasons the official peoples choice poll will come on if this thread picks up and lots of people reply.
Zelda for me, just got the final temple to go.

RE4 is a close second though.

Personally thought Warioware was terrible!!! Much prefer Rayman, but hey, each to their own!!
the poll should say what is everyones favourite wii game(my slection);)

Just edited the thread title for you. My own personal favourite so far is Super Paper Mario which is about to be released on PAL in a week or so I think(have a US console).

I'll hold off voting as I haven't yet played the Wii edition of Resi4 but my GF purchased it for me recently from ebay. Loved the Gamecube version so almost certain that game will get my vote when it finally arrives.
i dont know if you saw my 360 thread but the first poll was my selection the next was the peoples choice if i leave i leave a post saying to change it(when the poll finishes) would you mind changing it back.

this probably wont need to happen seeing as this thread doesnt seem to be as popular as the 360 one.
I don't moderate the Xbox360 section of the forums so am unable to edit threads there. If you would like any changes made to your thread then either Munkey Boy, Dodger747 or Mark Haywood would be the moderators to contact.
I would say Super Paper Mario is also probably my favourite Wii game at the moment. However I am pretty sure that will change when I get Metroid Prime in a few days. Therefore I couldn't vote. Of the games listed I would say Zelda is my favourite.
Be interesting to do a similar poll in, say, 8 monthes time. Hopefully there'll be some superb games out(Galaxy, MarioKart, WiiFit, etc) as there seems to be little interest in Play and Wario on the poll.

I'm like a little kid at the thought of MarioKart online:thumbsup:
Personally i'm absolutely loving RE4 at the moment. Having never played it before it's an absolute treat. The controls are pin sharp and so intuitive and the atmosphere could be cut with a knife.

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