what is dead pixel

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a dead pixel shows as a bright dot in one place on your image : either green, red or blue. This is "always on"
"always off" is where the pixel (on its corresponding panel) is always off, so you might for instance get a black dot (all colours off in same place - unusual)

Stuck pixel is one that cannot give 100% brightness when it should or that sometimes is always on, at other times fine.

Overall, dots in the centre of the image are more distracting than ones in the peripheries.

Finally, If you had one, you'd know it! Best advice? DON'T GO LOOKING FOR THEM.

Hopefully the above has confused you so much that you end up none the wiser and concentrate on Enjoying the film instead :D


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going to buy projector this week, still making up my mind on what manufacture oand wether to buy from uk or import from the states
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