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What is BIT ERROR.

just purchased a toshiba 32zt29 lovely telly but the digital picture can take upto a couple of mins to come on, breaking up blocky picture.
I know it's not the aerial as i'm getting good signal strength 9's and 10 but the bit error bar doesn't show any reading,bringing me to my question "what is bit error".

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Well, there's quantity and quality!

Just because you are getting a high level signal (quantity) doesn't guarantee that it's not distorted in some way (quality).

The digital decoder needs a certain level of quality before it can tell the difference between the ones and zeros in the incoming signal.

Below this quality level will give the bit errors that you are experiencing and hence no (or very blocky) picture.

Hope this helps.


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To add to this:

If your signal is interfered with by any cause (examples - multipath ghosting, local electrical interference etc) then this will give rise to bit errors on a digital platform, which manifests itself as blocking and freezing etc. On an analog platform, it may manifest itself as sparklies or shadows (ghosts) etc.


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Hmm, didn’t have this problem with my old set which was also an idtv and I have tried a set top box with no problem,analogue picture is good all the time.
Also noticed that the picture quivers about a bit but once the bit error bar fills up this stops.
Problem seems to be the digital tuner not working as it should.
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