What is best to place under a sub?


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Feb 5, 2004
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I currently have my sub (Rel Stampede) sitting on laminate which does give some vibration. I note that rel suggests placing the sub on a concrete slap and intend to put it on a pation flag. I may get another to place on the top of the sub too to give it added weight to prevent the sound wave lifting the sub.

I have noticed soe are using vibration dampers under their subs - do these actually help, I would think that they would dampen the sound wave extruded and alter its characteristic somewhat, possibly slowing it down.
I'm afraid this subject is discussed here so often that the edges of our paving slabs have become rounded and worn. ;)

Dare one suggest a forum search for isolation? Or isolation pads? :)
Try the Auralex platforms.....quite a difference!
i used a paving slab (35kg 2ft x 2ft monster...lol..was only one i could find in the back garden that didnt have david bellamy footprints in it...heh) under my REL Strata 5 when i had it.....my sub was on carpet tho, still i found it tightened up the bass a bit, i also finally put the spikes in too...lol....didnt have a slab on top tho, glad i didnt, sold the sub a few months ago and got a damn good price for it far as i'm concerned...lol....dont think i'd have got the price if i'd scratched it up....(in other words, put something between the slab and sub if you put one on top...a teatowel or whatever)
Try the Auralex platforms.....quite a difference!

I'll second the Auralex Gramma :thumbsup:

It was a vast improvement over the 1" thick slab of mable with spikes to carpet that i used to use.

I have also played with the large weight on top, which did slightly help tighten things up, although now not an option with my SVS.

My DIY Slab cost £25 from Stone merchants plus £13 for spikes.
The Gramma was picked up on Fleabay for £29.
Trying concrete - base tightened up well. Will look into the Auralex Gramma sounds interesting.

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