What is best a futon or sofa bed?

tony kop77

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I am looking to buy one a sofa bed or futon but dont know which is supposed to be better. I will use it mainly as a sofa and just open it up as a bed a couple of times a year when my brother comes up with his family.
I dont want to spend anymore than £200.

I was looking at these sofa beds



Which one would you advise I go for or what sort of thing to look for? I wont sleep in it just use it as a sofa but a few times a year I will sleep in it when my brother and his family come visit and stay the weekend.


a sofa bed with a spring matteress is best. I use a sofa bed in my bedroom due to having not much space in my room as all my lovely home cinema equipment, DVD's, Laserdiscs(anyone remember those), CD's, Videogames among other things take up all the space. A futon just is not comfy enough unless it has a very thick mattress its self


I'd go for a cheap sofa, and a cheap airbed.

Airbeds are more comfortable than sofabeds or futons, and neither sofabeds or futons tend to be comfortable to sit on, unless you spend an absolute fortune.

la gran siete

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Futons arent very comfy but are probably more durable nad are generally cheaper . Okj for ocassional use. I f you buy a sofa bed make sure its a good one. y not try Ikea?


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im a futon user and dont really like sofa beds, i really thinks its down to personl taste really. i really like having a stiff mattress (back problems) and dont really think sofa beds off the same support, Rhomaish's point about a inflatable mattress is a really good idea, they take less than 2 mins to inflate and real comfortable.

tony kop77

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Thanks for your help guys, I might order one from Argos weekend.

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