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alan thompson

My friend has recently upgraded his home cinema kit and has given me his old Technics "AV processor". He has lost the manual and he hasn't a clue on how it works as the guy from the shop set it up.
I have been a seperate hifi man in the past and just had four speakers wired up to my telly and video.
But now I have a new wide flat telly and dolby5.1 DVd and an "AV processor".
What do I d with the AV processor, will it have an in built amp for the extra speakers etc etc .


Ian J

The processor will provide amplification for the centre and rear speakers and should be connected to your hifi amp which will continue to provide the power for the front stereo pair.


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Going by memory I think that model is only a Pro-logic processor, so to get Dolby 5.1 etc you´ll need to check if it has the relevant 5.1 external decoder inputs. You´ll also need a dvd player with built in 5.1 decoding and the relevant 5.1 analogue outputs.


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This model is an add-on processor, i.e. it provided DPL dekoding and 3 channels of amplification, thus a seperate stereo amp is required. It's not compatible with Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1

Looks like this:


alan thompson

Thanks Guys
Next question, I have a DVD with 5.1 outputs so is it worth connecting this AV processor to 2 rear and one centre speaker. Will it still work and sound ok.
My existing amp will only drive 4 speakers and a I will still want to play music I will want decent speakers not little Mickey mouse surround sound speakers for the rear.

What can you suggest.


I have a Dolby virtual telly with 2 scarts, a nicam video with 2 scarts, a digital telly receiver with 2 scarts and a DVD with scarts can some one give me a clue on the best way to stick all the wires in, including the telly aerial.



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It's not compatible with Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1

That also means there is no 5.1 input to hook up your DVD player, so the best advise is to get a new AV amp/receiver.

Ian J

Your best bet is an AV receiver like the Marantz 4200 which is available from Richer Sounds at £199.99 and junk the Technics processor.

Depending on the quality of your hifi amp you can either sell that and just use the AV amp or if the hifi amp is of good quality it can be connected to the AV amp so that the latter is only used for video sources and the hifi amp for music.

Judging by the equipment listed the easiest way to connect is to connect the Sky box to the DVD player and the DVD player to AV1 on your TV so that both sources can output RGB.

The second scart on the Sky box to the VCR in and yet another scart on the VCR to the second scart socket on the TV.

That takes care of the pictures and a pair of phono cables from the TV audio out to the TV input on the back of the AV amp will take care of the analogue audio with a co-axial or optical digital cable from the DVD player to the AV amp taking care of the 5.1 sound.

That is one way of connecting up audio although it is one that I don't use myself as I don't feel that the audio outputs from my TV give good sound quality.

I have pairs of phono leads running from the Sky Box and VCR directly to the relevant inputs on the amp.

alan thompson

Thanks Ian

That's definetely not how I have it connected.
I have a nokia receiver for my telly, ex ondigital and not sky, but I assume that doesn't make a lot of difference.

I have my aerial wire going into my ondigital box out of there into my video then out of there into my telly.

I have one scart from my Dvd into my telly AV2.

A scart lead from my ondigital box to my video then onto my telly.

I have at the moment audio output leads going from my DVD straight to my amp, and will have seperate ones for my video and digital box when I get some longer ones.

All sorts of weird stuff occurs at the moment, telly locks up, sound works on the amp but not on the telly with the dvd, plus more.
All because I don't have the goddamm thing wired up right I guess.


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