What is a good backlight setting (Hisense 65U7G)?


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I just picked up a Hisense 65U7G and was wondering what a good backlight setting would be to preserve the TV's health? The last TV I purchased my parents lasted about 3 years (think it was a 65 inch LG) before the backlight started to wear out and dim, it was located in a well lit area and when I checked the settings I found the backlight had been set to 100 for the majority of its lifespan. My old TV on the other hand (which was a 55 inch LG of the same model as my parents) still looks great and I had its backlight set to 50. I bought both TV's at the same time so clearly running my parents at 100 on the backlight greatly reduced its lifespan.

In the room where I now have my Hisense U7G it seems 50 on the backlight works fine, 75 makes the colors pop more, however. I just don't want to have to replace it in 2 years, even if it wasn't an expensive TV I hate throwing money away. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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