What is a 'dirty screen'?


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Please could someone tell me what they mean by a 'dirty screen'?

On light pictures and on pictures of a uniform colour (such as a football pitch), the picture on my FX68 is slightly grainy and foggy. It's as if there's a faint mesh film over the screen and it occurs on both pre-recorded DVDs and aerial footage.

There are also two faint vertical bands down the left hand side of the screen (each about an inch wide), which are also very noticable on lighter pictures.

Are these just 100hz side-effects or does my TV have a fault?


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As usual, the answer to my query was right in front of my eyes and I missed it!

It looks like I do have a 'dirty screen' and 'moiring' (and motion blurring etc.). Is a 'dirty screen' and thin shadowy vertical bars down the left hand side of the screen usually enough to insist on getting a TV changed?

I've had the TV for about 7 weeks and I'm about to call out the retailer's engineer to look at my poor picture, but it would be handy to know if anyone's had their TV changed for my sort of problems so that I have an idea whether the retailer is trying it on if they refuse to do anything.


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Yes, pretty much the same.

I've heard of the 'lung effect', which I understand causes the sides of the screen to be a different shade, but I wasn't sure whether these bands were the same thing.

To be honest, I'm more irritated by the 'dirty screen' effect.

Do you think either are acceptable?

Paul Atreides

I would not call bars like that acceptable, although Sony would probably call the dirty screen 'within specification'.

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