What is a dead/stuck pixel?


I have a Panny AE100, if I stand close to the screen I can see thousands of little squares. If one of these squares is permanently one colour, is that a stuck pixel?

The reason I ask is that on close inspection, I can see several of these, although some seem worse than others (some seem to be only half filled with a colour).

If I am further away than a couple of feet I cant see them at all.

If these are stuck pixels, I cant understand what the fuss is about, or do they get worse?

If they are not stuck pixels, then what are they?




Inside your projector are LCD screens, If you look at an LCD watch you will see that different segments light up to give different numbers, these are large areas compared to a projector LCD which has many tiny segments.

When the LCD is made the manufacturer can only guarantee a certain percentage of the segments will work, those that dont are referred to as stuck, they are magnified onto your viewing screen and you can then see them.

Further failures can occur throughout the life of the PJ but I think this is rare.............somebody else can correct me on this one.

As opposed to a stuck pixie...............which is.........;)


Top right hand corner of this picture!

I think this will explain it.


This was on the first PJ I had, replaced since with a "good" model.

Bright blue spot visible at all times (OK, not on pure whites) from my seating position, or even twice that distance (tried at 20ft & could still see it very clearly).

I think you'll agree something as bad as that would generate some "fuss" :eek:


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some seem to be only half filled with a colour
I've noticed one of these on mine (green - centre of screen) - not there initially. I had assumed that as it wasn't the whole pixel, it was dust, and am waiting until I'm near a Maplins or somewhere to get some canned air to clean it out. Am I right?

Feersum enjinn

Maybe i am wrong - but can stuck pixels sort themsleves out?. I had two red ones bottom left of screen - but recently they seem to have gone!!

By the way Richard, someone mention about sticking a tiny piece of coloured paper on your sceen where the stuck pixel is. An 'opposining' colour perhaps and that may 'hide' the bright stuck pixel.

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