What is 780i and can it view near or HD pictures?

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    Hello Everyone.
    Nice forum you have here.
    I am not that clued up with LCD tv's
    and my questions is relating to HD pictures and HDMI sockets.

    I have a Maxim LCD TV 26"
    It is not HD as it is only 780i
    so i am told.
    What does 780i mean?
    I went into my local AV shop and now i am
    more confused then ever before because
    I asked him also what is the DVI connection on the back
    of my set and he explained but he might as well
    be speaking German for all the sense he made.
    I asked him if i could hook up a HD dvd player to it
    and he said no.
    I ask if i could hook up a dvd player that upscaled the picture
    to near HD picture.
    Again he said no as my LCD set does not have HDMI sockets
    as he said you can only get HD pictures via a HDMI socket.
    This confuses me as i have seen DVI to HDMI leads.
    What is the point in a DVI to HDMI leads if you only get HD picture or near HD picture if you set has HDMI sockets?
    Surely people would just buy HDMI leads?

    So what is the point in sets being made to display 780i if you
    can view only the same stuff as CRT tv's?
    Also i was told you can only get HD pictures from a HD tv.
    But my xbox plays on my set and as well as my normal
    CRT tv set and the xbox 360 is HD isnt it?
    Also can i get sky HD with my set or not?

    Thankyou for any advice anyone can give.
    and PLEASE bear in mind that i am not
    that clued up on tech issues so easy English terms please.


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