What iPhone 4 should i go for and why?


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I am in a pickle and cant make my mind up.

I will be getting the iPhone 4 on the 24th but unsure out of these 2 options what to do so i was hoping you guys could help.

(BTW: Im currently in contract with O2 at moment)

1. Buy a PAYG handset from O2 (Apple too far away from me) for £499 and keep existing tariff.

2. Go down the upgrade option and spend £360 to upgrade early then about £119 for the 1200mins £45 month 24 month contract and get the 32GB i4 and downgrade my contract to £35 after 9 months.
A total of £479 initial outlay but then i have 9 month of the extra £10 a month tariff which brings it to £569.

I just cannot decide, there are pro's and cons.

Option 1: Get a 16GB i4 and get to keep my unlimited data tarrif.

Option 2: Upgrade and lose my unlimited data but get to own a 32GB model.

Trouble is i use a lot of storage and i use a hell of a lot of data.

Help please!! :lease:
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You bought a 3GS 6 months ago on a 24 month contract? Madness.

What do you mean "Apple too far away from me"? Just get it delivered. And you're assuming O2 will charge 499 for a PAYG there, could well be less as it'll be locked to them, at least to start with.

And where are you getting this 119 number from?

And I'd say calc 2 is wrong anyway, it's
minus what you can sell your current handset for

since you could go for something sensible like a 15 a month Simplicity at the end of your current contract but you're tied into 35 for another 15 months with the new one.
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