What influences the ending you get when you finish the story mode.


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Please no spoliers.

As title really. Playing this through on ps3 at the moment. On 43%. Gonna replay it on 360 afterwards with the idea of getting a different ending.

What is needed to be done to get the best/different endings. How many is there?



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There are 2 endings and you make the choice right at the end.
None of the decisions you make during the game affect either ending.


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There are two endings.

What I did was make 2 saves at the point where you have to choose your ending. It is right at the end as both finales contain 3 missions each. You know your at the right point becasue a dagger and $ sign appear on the map, so before you choose which one make a copy of your save.


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Thanks, Reason I asked was I had been told by a mate it was to do with the friendship ratings. I cant be bothered with them so now I know thats not involved I can sideline that stuff until I have finished the story.

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