What In Ear's up to £130, with this criteria !


I've read so much now that my brain's hurting ... :rotfl:

I need a set of in ear's, and have chosen this style of headphone based on size for portability, and holiday / poolside listening etc. I have a set of Senn's PX100's, which i love but they're not discreet enough while on holiday etc.

So, my first criteria is comfort. I dont care if they are the best phones on the planet, they have to be comfortable for me.

A good range of tip sizes may be of benefit to achieve this comfort.

I dont like overwhelming bass, although i do like bass but not over powering. I like to hear the full range of sounds, high's, mid's and low's, so a more balanced sound is probably more preferable.

My music tastes are, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Dance, Metal, Pop, so i have a varied listening taste.

Are there any phones available that would sit on the outside of the ear canal, rather than buried into it ?

Based on the above, does anyone possibly have any suggestions for me to consider ?



I've come to the conclusion that choosing headphone's is pot luck :D

Yes you can read lot's of reviews and rely on the majority of opinion in those reviews, but 'you' havn't heard them and 'you' dont know how they fit.
Somewere in those reviews will be something that may also put you off a particular set of phones, and equally the other way round. The fact that most only come with 3 sizes of tips ( S/M/L) is pathetic. To think that we all only have 3 ear sizes is beyond me !

In the end, set your budget, your requirements, the amount of time you will actually use them, and take it from there.

Pot luck ............ ;)
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If you are going down the in-ear route, then invest in some comply foam tips, they make an incredible difference to both sound quality and comfort, and because of their construction, they will give greater comfort/fit to a wider range of ear sizes. They do need to be replaced on a regular basis, because they do wear (especially if you use them at the gym and sweat). But are easy to get and not to expensive.
Personally found can't go wrong with Ultimate Ears Super fi, though not pro model (overblown bass).

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