What Impedance to set amp for with mixed speakers?


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Hi Guys, looking for a little advice.

I am taking delivery of a Pioneer SC-LX53 today and I currently have the following speakers:

1. 2 x Monitor Audio RS6's for centres - 6 ohm speakers (bi-amped)
2. 2 x KEF KHT2005 for surround - 8 ohm speakers
3. 1 x KEF KHT2005 for centre - 8 ohm speaker

I am upgrading from an older Yamaha amp which I think I had set at 8 ohms. The question I have is given the mix of speakers, should I configure the Pioneer for 6 ohms or 8 ohms?

The manual for the Pioneer states it operates best at 8 ohms. Is this what I should use?



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The general consenus is to leave it set to 8ohms as this will give the best sound quality. The 6 ohm setting will do nothing more than being sensible with the volume control will do anyway.


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Thanks. That is what I needed to hear.

I think I did try 6 ohm on my Yamaha and it just made it sound muddier.


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I have 4ohm speakers with my Yamaha set at 8ohms, it's ok if you don't abuse the volume knob.


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It is a rare day the wife allows me to abuse it to much. Thanks


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1. 2 x Monitor Audio RS6's for centres - 6 ohm speakers (bi-amped)
If they biamped, then each section of speaker (Hi and Lo) should be more than 8Ohm - so you can use your amplifier safely with setting it to 8Ohm if you bi-amping speakers


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Though I can't say this is true of every amp, the consensus seems to be that shifting the amps from 8 ohms to 4 ohms simply cuts the voltage to the output stages to keep them cooler. But in doing so, you also get less power. I personally solved the problem by adding a couple of small computer fans to cool the amps.

Most recommend leaving it at 8 ohms to get all the power you paid for, and to simply exercise restraint on the volume control. What restraint means is not pushing your amp to ridiculously abusively loud levels. I play my Yamaha amp plenty loud, just not ridiculously and pointlessly loud.

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I had always wondered what that 4 ohm setting *actually* did. I am only driving my rears with my Yamaha (all three of my fronts are driven by a Rotel power amp.) I think I'll set my Yamaha to 8 ohm mode when I get home.

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