What Home Cinema with my PS3?


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Hi all!

Im looking to buy a 5.1 surround sound system at the moment. At the moment, I have an LG 32 inch TV and my PS3. What i'm looking for is a system under £200 inc delivery/pickup. New or used, i'm not really bothered. But it has to look good, and the sub must have decent bass. It will be connected to my PS3 either by HDMI or optical digital I guess?

I've looked around ALOT, but I wouldnt know for the life of me what a good system would be, what would be a decent price for it or anything like that really..

If anyone could recommend a system or place to buy a system, it would much appreciated!

Harrison :smashin:


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Hey mate
I was looking for exactly the same thing as you a couple off weeks ago. Was struggling to find a cheap system with optical input especially for my ps3.
I picked up a Samsung HT-C350 for £99.99 at Comet Normally was £129.99 but they matched Currys price for me.
It looks awesome, and sounds damn good.

You'll have to google it as i can't remember all the details off hand. But it's a home cinema system, dvd player included with hd up-scaling.


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Be aware though that, like most home cinema systems that have a built-in DVD player, it only has an optical 5.1 input, which means you'll only be able to get plain "old-style" DD5.1 and DTS, and not HD the lossless DTS-HD or Dolby TrueHD which Blu-rays provide.

I'd suggest a system that doesn't have a built-in player, and will therefore have far more inputs and will be more flexible. Look for one which has HDMI inputs, and then you'll be able to hook your PS3 up to it to get HD sound. Also, if the system and your TV support HDMI control, then the two will normally integrate seamlessly, without the need of you having to switch inputs in general use and being able to control the amp's volume with your TV remote.

The Sony HT-AS5 springs to mind which was available under £200 before Christmas. I have a Sony HT-DDWG800, but this is out of your price range. These both may give you some idea regarding specs though. I've not looked lately, but I'm sure there must be a similar budget system out there for under £200.


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No problem buddy :smashin:
You may well be able to get something better if you wanted to spend the full £200, i think there may even be a version of the same system with slightly higher wattage.

But personally, i'd rather save myself £100. It's a great sounding system i reckon it sounds better than my Dad's system that he spent around a grand on! And there's plenty of bass, there's also a 'power bass' setting.

I've seen a review where someone gave it a bad rating because they thought it was no good with their ps3. But it's the console that's the problem you just need to play around with the settings and it'll sound great :)


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Ive been looking around and I've found the LG HT805PH for £140 and I was wondering whether this is a good system/price? Thanks for the help guys :)

Futaura - Thanks for the info, but i'm not looking for anything too comlicated or amazing hd, and to be quite honest i'm not particularly going to be investing the blu-rays as it will be mainly for gaming and the odd rented movie. But thanks mate :)


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Couldn't comment on the sound as i haven't heard it, but it's more powerful than what i suggested so should be fairly decent, and seems to have all the features your after.

Personally wouldn't go for floor standing speakers, but that's just me!

Totally up to you mate :) I can't say i know a whole lot about different systems so i can only recommend what i own


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There is also HT805SH which is normal speakers not floor-standers, I might consider that, and its also cheaper :)

Thanks for your help mate :)

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