What Home Cinema AMP for around £300

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Feb 9, 2004
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I've got everything I need for my surround system except the amp!

I've got around £300 to spend and want something upto date with all the features I may need.

Been looking at the Yamaha 640's etc but would appreciate any ideas/input.

Currently I'm thinking of 5.1 but would like the option for 6.1 if possible within that £300 budget.

Many Thanks,
OP :)
Blatant plug but my Pioneer 812 is on ebay at the moment and should go for a lot less than £300

Has all the specs you should need inc 6.1, auto set up and an easy learning remote for the rest of your kit

It's only 2 months old and has 22 months warranty remaining - even if you don't go for mine I would recommend you taking a look at the 812 - it's the same amp as the £400 912 but without the mic for auto set up
Originally posted by common
look at the 812 - it's the same amp as the £400 912 but without the mic for auto set up

You might want to take a look at your description in that case.
If you mean auto set up, to clarify the 812 has Multi Channel Automatic Acoustic Calibration but without the microphone - my understanding is that the mic doesn't pick up small speakers to well anyway
Marantz SR 5400
Yamaha DSP 640
Search for the Marantz sr5400 hardware review in the AV resources. The review is only a month old and the Marantz was top equal in the group test with a much more expensive Onkyo unit.

It costs £300 in Richer sounds.

I have one and think it sounds excellent and it looks fantastic too.
Yam 640, Pio 812/912, Denon 1804, Marantz 5400 - all very good amps at around the £300 mark. All, I think, will support 6.1 sound (and mono-rear 7.1 too in most cases).

The new Sony amp is also supposed to be pretty good too (can't remember the model number).

My personal preference was the Denon 1804 when I bought last month, but it really depends which sounds best to you, and with your planned speaker set up.

Have you got a local hifi shop that you could go to test them all out?

Thanks for all the great replies :)

I'm going into Nottingham tomorrow to check out the local suppliers (Superfi Richer Sounds etc)

I'll let you know my findings :)

Thanks again.
The sony gets a spectacular review in this month's Hi-Fi choice. Better than the yam 1400 they reckon, in a blind test, if you can believe that. Good in stereo, too , they say.
I bought the SR5400 at £299 from RS a month or so back and am 100% happy with it, sounds great compared to the Kenwood 7040 it replaced.


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