What Hifi to go for??

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    Hi Everyone..

    I am in need of some help!

    I currently have loads of speakers including technopods housepods minipods and many more...
    but i need a reasonable hifi to work them all.
    I also need a hifi that will also be used as a dvd system so a package that will supply me with music as well as dvd surround.

    I have a little knowledge but am still new to this area, i like the look of what the classe can provide but a little out my price range and would need something like Nautilus to have them in the first place.

    I quite like the cyrus systems and acram solo but what would be best suited for me and what other system out there can provide me with what i am looking for?

    My aim would be to buy second hand and hopefully get a good deal my budget would be around £500-700 but hopefully cheaper the better.

    any help would be greatly appreciated

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