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DEar all.

As a spanish user, I am waiting for the October What HIFI's issue to be delivered in Madrid. I've heard there is an A/V supertest with new models in this issue.

Anybody knows which models are reviewed there ? and the overall results ??

Thanks very much. This is a great forum !
yam 630 won for all round performance and features
Marantz5200 worthy mention for stereo performance (lost out because no DTS/ES discrete, DDEX proper and neo6)
No sony
cant remember others

After reading it I decided that I will no longer buy magazines and get myself better cabling instead (that is until I bought what Video and TV yesterday which confirmed that I should stop buying magazines)
Denon 1802 - 3 stars "now well off the pace of its rivals: needs replacing, and fast" (1803 has already been released, duh)

JVC Rx-8022RSL - 2 stars "Hugely disappointing: clear proof that paper specifications don't necessarily mean fine performance"

Kenwood KRF-X9060D - 5 stars "highly competitive ans near the top of the class: great choice for fans of action movies"

Marantz Sr5200 - 5 stars "still a highly impressive performer, but no longer the best"

Onkyo TX-Sr500E - 2 stars "no more than fair at this price; you can get more for less"

Pioneer VSX-D811S - 5 stars "Remarkable stuff for the money - an excelent sub-400 proposition"

Sony STR-DB780 - 3 stars "classy but uncompetitive: others here offer better value"

Yamaha Rx-V630RDS - 5 stars "Sensational; as sophisticated, refined and capable as older receivers that cost twice as much"

Winner: Yamaha

Want more? buy the mag!

Glad this month they covered ALL the brands in the same renge! Last month the supertest of high-end dvd players was awful! where do they putted Denons dvds? 2800 mkii and 3800????? couldn't understand!
Originally posted by mutley
Marantz Sr5200 - 5 stars "still a highly impressive performer, but no longer the best"

Hasn't this been replaced recently as well, by the sr5300? I got £40 knocked off the price of my sr5200 by claiming it was, anyway, so I hope I was right :)
think so, as the denon. but they tested that models for some reason !?
What annoyed me is that the marantz lost out because it doesnt have all the latest sound formats!!!! Sound should be the deciding factor.

I think the magazine should be renamed as What Lofi as sound fidelity no longer counts.

Also no Sony 1080 or even 1070, which are on the same arena. and very popoular, but they include JVC which I would be surprised if anyone owned.
well, ther we have different views. i believe it is very important to a receiver the sound formats cause it's for home-cinema, it's ability in audio is welcome but not as important as home-cinema. and here what hi-fi is very bad cause they always put hi-fi before home-cinema (they would say - it's what we do, you should buy another mag!) but it is what i think!
Kind of agree with you but when a piece of kit has the fundamentals like DTS and DD and DPL2 it has the basics and therefore should be considered adequate feature wise. I know ex/esis gaining pace but how many people use it other than enthusiasts, its not a fundamental requirement yet. DPL is considered beter than neo6 so why worry about that either. The yamaha isnt THX certified but the kenwood is so why didnt the kenwood win it has all the bells and whistles.

What they should do is seperate features sound and quality to be more informative and say which one wins in ach class so thet people can ask themselves whats most important (can still have an overall winner if they need to).

Ive given up on mags, much prefer this site where you get warts and all opinions. At 3.50 a pop with only 35pages of unrepeated old news that is 2 months after the net for info, I have to question what the positives are for buying any magazine
I will try to read that magazine today. It would be very highly likely i think that Denon AVR-1803 didnt make it to their supertest because it was released after they did their reviews.

Had 1803 been released a few weeks earlier, it would have been interesting to see how it rates versus the rest.

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