What height to hang my Atmos pendant speakers?


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I’m finishing off a 5.1.2 set-up, and the last thing to do is hang the two pendant Atmos speakers (Gallo Accoustic) from a vaulted ceiling above my seating area.

The question is - what height should they hang at?

The ceiling is about 7ft at the point of incline above seated head height, and I’m guessing I want the speakers to be hanging high enough that each can’t be pinpointed as a source.

However, I guess I also don’t want them so far away that I don’t get the benefit of having speaker separation?

Any advice?


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It's a bit more layered than that. The type of speaker, it's dispersion, power handling and how much space is above it are all relevant, including how high your surrounds are.

Pulling a guess out of thin air - from the floor about 8ft.


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Many thanks.

just to clarify, though, that this section of vaulted ceiling is 7ft above seated head height, so about 11 ft from ground in total.

Dolby says 14ft being max height and The ideal ceiling height is between 7.5 and 12 feet. Naturally people feel higher is often better than lower with in/on-ceiling speakers, but you have such tiny Gallo speakers so too high isn´t good either.

Does it come with some brackets so you can aim them shooting straight down not where the vaulted ceiling would point them?



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The speakers are pendants with will hang from the vaulted ceiling by a cable - pointing directly down towards the seating area.

I can have them any height I want - the only question is what height?



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The speakers are pendants with will hang from the vaulted ceiling by a cable - pointing directly down towards the seating area.

I can have them any height I want - the only question is what height?


I don't think theres a hard of fast rule here. Even Dolby give a range.

If its a smaller speaker with less output capability, I'd be tempted to put it slightly closer within the 7-12ft range just to ensure you aren't pushing it past its limits.

The higher the atmos speaker, the better the localisation and sense of height; but obviously its speaker dependant as people have stated above :)

7-9ft should be fine. Its what most UK homes ceiling heights are anyway in most home cinemas.


More important than height is the placement from your ears forward if you only have 2 of them, and also you best angle them towards your ears. Speaking form about 6 years of testing :)
By the looks of it your surrounds are way higher than they should be anyway so don't expect much of a differentiation if you are already used that kind of height setup.


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I'd suggest that the drop should be one that results in the driver onboard the speaker being at or approxomating the height Dolby suggest appropriate for converntional ceiling speakers..

by default 2021-07-16 at 13.18.22.png

Overhead Speakers
Overhead sound is a vital part of the Dolby Atmos experience. There are a variety of options for adding this capability to a room.
One solution is to install speakers overhead. Most conventional overhead speakers with wide dispersion characteristics will work in a Dolby Atmos home theater.
Overhead speaker characteristics
Dolby Atmos audio is mixed using discrete, full-range audio objects that may move around anywhere in three-dimensional space. With this in mind, overhead speakers should complement the frequency response, output, and power-handling capabilities of the listener-level speakers. Choose overhead speakers that are timbre matched as closely as possible to the primary listener-level speakers. Overhead speakers with a wide dispersion pattern are desirable for use in a Dolby Atmos system. This will ensure the closest replication of the cinematic environment, where overhead speakers are placed high above the listeners.
Mounting considerations
If the chosen overhead speakers have a wide dispersion pattern (approximately 45 degrees from the acoustical reference axis over the audio band from 100 Hz to 10 kHz or wider), then speakers may be mounted facing directly downward. For speakers with narrower dispersion patterns, those with aimable or angled elements should be angled toward the primary listening position.
The overhead speakers should be at a height (shown as H3 in Figure 2) between two and three times the vertical position of the listener-level speakers. The angle of elevation from the listening position to the left top front/right top front and left top rear/right top rear overhead speakers in a 7.1.4 reference layout should be 45 degrees. This may be adjusted between 30 and 55 degrees if needed, as shown in Figure 2.

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