What height is your plasma

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Just wondering what height your plasma screen is at, whether wall mounted or on some form of stand. Is there a recommended height, or some recognised 'norm', or does it just depend on the location that you fit the plasma?




mine is 40 inches from the floor to the bottom of the plasma i have one of those radiator cover things with the fret work to cover the cables everyone thinks the panell is just sitting on top of it
i think it looks nice


Mine is 130cm (about 51") off the floor, wallmounted to the chimney breast. I have all my AV kit in an alcove to the side and I put up a fake picture rail to hide the cables.

As for height (the real question ;-), it depends on your viewing distance. I think most people recommend the centre of the screen being level with your head in your normal viewing position. Mine is higher than that, and if I was 6 feet away, I would get neck ache, but my sofa is 12 foot away and it is like being in the cinema (I'm looking slightly upwards). I also have another sofa at right angles to the screen, and I find that laying on my back to view from here also works a treat.


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My new Pioneer 433MXE (685mm high with desktop stand I think) is setup in the room similarly to Nick's screen (one sofa at 10'-12' directly in front and the other at 90 degrees).

The screen is on a SoundStyle AV rack, which is 618mm high, meaning that the total height to the top of the screen is just over 1.3m. This places the centre of the screen just above head-height when sat on the sofa. No stiff neck complaints yet.

Hope to post some pics soon, if that would be of any help.

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Picture would be good. The Pioneer 433MXE or the Panasonic W4 (plus their equivalent 50 inch models) are on my short list, and I'm just trying to work out how best to mount whichever one I get in my living room.




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Well, the room is still a mess but here goes with 2 pics.



Few notes:

- The screen and stand are going to be pushed back a bit into the bay window once I've finalised all the connections
- The tower PC is only there as I'm playing with it before giving it to my mum (my old 17" monitor blew up on me a year ago and I haven't had another monitor to use it on until I got the 433MXE!)
- The image showing a screen shot of this thread (!) is running @ 800x600. This has nothing to do with the quality of the image @ 1024x768 - simply that I really need glasses so struggle to read the smaller text from 12' away!

daren jackson

I have my plasma mounted high up on the wall so that watching in bed is not a strain!


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Wow Phil that Looks great
Glass of beer-after 8,s -- wireless keyboard- no wife lurking--43" MXE
Does life get any better, I suppose you could of had Kylie on the screen LOL

That Soundstyle rack you have is nearly identical to my Sonus

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