What headphones?


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I have had 2 sets of Shure headphones that I have used with my iPod. I originally bought the E3G, which is a very nice headphone - very clear, well-extended bass without being boomy or over-emphasised, and detailed treble. I don't think Shure make them any more, but it was an excellent upgrade over both the standard iPod headphones and the Sony MDR-EX70 canal phones I'd been using.

Then, earlier this year, Amazon halved the prices on a lot of their Shure headphones, and I treated myself to a set of the top-of-the-range E500, which even at half-price cost as much as the iPod. I wasn't expecting them to be that much better than the E3 - I was wrong. They are the best headphones I've ever listened to, and are as much of a step up over the E3 as the E3 was over the stock earbuds. They sound a lot more rich than the E3 - the E3 sounds a bit weedy in comparison. If you can find a set going cheap, I'd thoroughly recommend them.

One caveat - the Shures need to fit really well to sound good. I found the foam sleeves sounded better than the rubber ones. Also, they really benefit from being broken-in - the E3 in particular sounded pretty bad out of the box, and I spent a week wondering if I'd made a dreadful mistake, but they improve noticeably after a few hours use.
Thanks for the comments mate :smashin:

I have heard about the running in actually. In truth I am unsure about whether to spend more on the EC3s or just grab a set of EC2s for less than £40 on Ebay......


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you can buy from ebay or from here


shoot,:eek: or you can buy them from here at £23.99. damm, that's a good price, looks like i've just found my 5th pair of IEM's.


for the price, have a look at the Super.Fi 3's. i'm listenign to my Suiper.fi 5EB's at the moment, and they are very good.:smashin:



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I've got a pair of etymotic er6i's for my ipod and they are great. Comfy fit, great noise cancelling and fantastic sound - around £45 delivered from ebay...

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