What HD ready 40" LCD or Plasma TV should I buy to play the xbox 360 and DVD's???!!!


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I have just bought an XBOX 360 and would like to upgrade my TV to compliment it! I would like to ask your opinions on the following:

The TV will be mainly used for watching DVD's (standard for now), TV (standard for now through freeview integrated prefeably with the TV or from a seperate box - until HD sky comes down in price maybe in 12 months time) and finally playing the XBOX 360.

The 2 main viewing areas in the Lounge are 2m and 3m's away from the screen respectively. So my questions are;:lease:

1) What size screen ( i think after viewing in the shops 40" is about right)
2) Plasma or LCD ( LCD appears the way forward after reading the threads re the "screen burn" potential for XBOX 360 users on Plasma - but if this is overhyped let me know)
3) The connections appear important and i don't know whether i need 1, 2 or more HDMI's etc for XBOX use, etc, etc - no idea on this one so any advice gratefully received.
4) $64,000 question - which TV to get?!!! I like the looks of the sleek Samsung, but it does look (IMO) a tad plasticy and the blacks were not he blackest on the screen in Curry's. The best reviews appear to recomend the SONY KDL-40W2000 = £1500 on pricerunner and that has 2 HDMI's etc. I really am open to suggestions but would ideally like to pay less than the £1500, but if the return on investment is worth it -i do not want to spend £1200 or £1300 and regret it for the differnce!

Anyway, please let me know what TV you think i should buy and of course if you know of any good deals for it??!!! Thanks ever so much.

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