What happens when RF finally dies?


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OK, I was just thinking as its been mentioned more than once about how LCD screens don't display SD video quite as nicely as would be desired.

Obviously SD across RF (Coaxial) cabling is rather dated now.

I think i'm not alone in relying on it for piping Sky around the house to other TVs, (among other things).

So what does anyone think the future holds for multi room TV? I mean - we can't have a Sky box for every TV in the house, it'd break the bank! Is a new kind of encoding over coaxial likely for example? Say - a digital signal that just needs a little freeview-like box to decode it on the other end.

I daresay it'll be something in 10 years+ before it actually becomes something that may happen. So I'm just interested in peoples ideas and predictions (or even actual knowledge!) of what the future holds....


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Networking, IMO.
TV as we know it, is on it's last legs, I reckon.

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