What happens if you underspec a modern PSU?


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Completely hypothetical question.

For example, if you build a gaming PC using modern components, and you put in an overclocked I9, Twin Graphics cards, and a custom water cooler, but have a PSU that's significantly underpowered?

Like waaaaay underpowered. Maybe the PC is trying to draw 25% more power than the PSU can supply?

Would some kind of safety mechanism kick in, causing the PC to perform poorly because it's not getting enough juice. As if you are trying to run a hosepipe with low water pressure? Or is the PSU going to go pop?


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I believe overcurrent protection on the PSU generally cuts the power output. There's no mechanism in components to throttle based on reduced power availability, or at least not one functioning in desktop parts AFAIK.


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It’ll just cut out.

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