What Happened to the DTS Korean edition of Fight Club ?



I go onto the page today to order it and its gone, surely they can't have sold out already ?

does anyone have a link for another site selling it ?
I think korean DVD's got some more from somewhere. But I noticed it disappeared after I ordered it!

Might be worth emailing them and see if they can locate you a copy. The copy I had looked as if they brought it from a shop, as it had price sticker on!
it worked out at around $28 inc postage just hope customs dont put anything ontop
Thanks for bringing this to my attention guys :)

Just ordered one, but it was only $20 with airmail, did you select to use EMS shipping nelly , as thats more expensive than the dvd itself m8.

Just ordered it from koreandvds for $20.35 :smashin:

yeah spoonman

i just what it as quick as possible, it still only works out around £15
Mine too! :smoke:
Got my copy today, has new style packaging and artwork with a big DTS logo accross the top. Review should be posted early next week.
I like the artwork! I want one now, but they is out of stock.
Looks like it's back in stock $14 plus shipping, just ordered mine :D
Must have got a few more but they are now [Out of Stock]
recieved mine from disc emporium, they had some saturday when i ordered cybersoga.
I received mine from disc emporium today.

i can't access that link, what is cut ?

i sure won't be happy if it's cut dvd compare says it's uncut.
basically some of the male nutidy has been cut, no loss really.
Sorry, I forgot you'd need an account to read it, it says: "The region 3 korea version has been consored like the Japanese version. It has been cut a few seconds.

"In the Japanese version of the movie, due to censorship rules over showing genitalia, there are no penis shots in the whole movie." - IMDB "
Damn :( i love to collect films but can't abide censorship even if it is just a few seconds, are u sure nothing else is censored and why couldnt they just reframe that particular scene as this film was shot super 35 :( ?

Anyone know if leon is completely uncut in korea cos i ordered that too.
Originally posted by FoxyMulder
Anyone know if leon is completely uncut in korea cos i oredered that too.

Yeah, it is.

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