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What happened there then...?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Deron, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Deron


    Sep 11, 2002
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    I've been around on these forums for ages trying to work out which plasma to get...

    I wanted to get the best screen for my money, plus have the most advanced screen for the future (hi-def etc)

    But on the other hand, my missus, and my son just wouldn't get on with the amp so it had to be simple and include speakers.

    The choices then had to be a plasma tv, the contenders were the pio, the hitachi or the panasonic.

    The pio is gorgeous, but alas the speakers are not, then for some reason I couldn't get on with the picture even though it was the most technically advanced.

    The Hitachi was nice, but I kept looking at the dark areas and seeing grades of grey which put me off. I was also scared of screen burn with this one as my son loves the logo'd channels.

    That left the panny which I originally disregarded as I didn't think it was advanced enough at the time, and was over priced for what it offered.

    After all of that I only ended up ordering the panny... :rolleyes:

    I know it's the lowest specced one out of the lot, but it seemed very resistant to screen burn and also had decent looking integrated speakers. I actually quite liked the picture as well.

    I can't believe that after all these months I finally came back to it.

    I found a great offer at av-sales which included a 'free' Panasonic DMRHS2 and wall mount for £3382.61 inclusive.

    I thought as a package it was great value. It's sold out now, and when I rang up yesterday to confirm my order, I was told they were trying to source me a screen as they had no more:( .

    I just hope they come through for me. I know Av-sales have a good rep, so here's hoping.

    I know there are some pa20 owners on the board, but I can't find any pics of any wall mounted. Has any one got one wall mounted?

    edited title to find pa20 owners...

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