What grade of speaker cable should I buy??


I am in the process of ripping up my floor and hiding the wires for my setup, as I'm not intending to do this again can anyone recommend the correct grade of speaker cables for my setup and the place to purchase. My setup is a Denon KAVCA1-SE and MS THX 500 Series Speakers, I'm currently using Kefs as my Surround backs but would also like to replace these with something a little more flush to the wall, has anyone any suggestions on this??



Anyone....... :(

Joe Fernand

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Hello petecowie

VanDamme Blue Series (2 core) and Black Series (2 or 4 core) are both excellent value for money and will work well with your kit.

If your going below the floor are you considering protection against mice and the like; they seem to love to chew on cable insulation!!!

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