What gametype do you prefer to play?


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I mainly play S&D and FFA.

FFA is good for levelling up your guns and getting your perks upgraded to pro and then S&D is very good for gaining XP points.

I earned 14,000 XP 5 times last night in games playing S&D on average I get around 8000/9000 XP per game, so you can rank up quick.

Von Smittle

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MW 3 has to be tdm because I'm a total noob

Black ops was HQ/demolition. Had some epic HQ games.


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COD4 - Team Deathmatch
MW2 - Domination (spawn trapping was glorious!) and Free for all
MW3 - Team Deathmatch (when i'm in a party with Skellz or Phragz). Domination and Kill Confirmed (When i'm alone)and Team Defender (when I'm bored).

Mr Midd

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Domination mostly now but I love Kill Confirmed. Not played much Kill Confirmed recently because of my fixation on catching Booted n Suited at the top of the domination clan rankings, how that noob got to be top is beyond me.:devil:

I like the idea of Search and Destroy but when I play it I end up dying almost immediately and then have to sit out the rest of the game.


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My fave is Hardcore S&D but I'll play most other modes as long as its hardcore.


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Hardcore S n D for me. But do the odd bit of Domination and HQ until they took it off. Will play anything Hardcore though really!


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I've always been a Headquarters player, until they screwed it up with MW3, so I've been making do with Domination mainly with a little Demolition and Kill Confirmed.

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