What games are people playing online


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Just bought an Xbox 360 elite and think its great

I have been playing COD3 single player and Graw 2 and both are excellent on the big screen

What games are people playing online at the moment?


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What mode do you play with Gears?

Is it capture the flag or something like that

Also is there alot of games available to join for COD3 Capture the Flag?


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There's no CTF in Gears. It's mainly variants on team deathmatch with messy shotgun/chainsaw/grenade death, followed by a nice chat in the dead room.

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I've heard Gears of War is an OK game online. Even better if you can find some fools, I mean friends to play with ;)


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No matter what else I play I always come back to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat.


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Excution in GoW IMO is the best mode, although you'll never struggle to get a game (a good game yes) in any of the 4 modes, (xcept maybe Assasination) (Annex, Warzone, Excution and Assasination).

Without wanting to take over this thread a just wondered if anyone with GRAW2 could tell me if there are many people playing this online - i just DL'd the demo and love it but with Halo so close i just wonder if it's still worth picking up???


I play Rainbow Six Vegas online most of the time (its about time we had some more download content, new weapons etc)

I used to play a lot of COD3, but it got very boring after a while, far too many planks team killing and no team play.

Tried Gears of War, but really could not get along with it. I also tried GRAW2 and I didn't like the way it played either, not a fan of 3rd person and the FPS view was awful. There seemed to be a lot of lag which killed the gameplay.

Battlefront was excellent and my first online experience with the 360, didn't think there were that many people playing it now.

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You would be surprised at how popular Battlefield still is...actually I'm not that surprised because it is an awesome online game and I still can't keep away from it either. Flatout UC is very playable too online...I'm not into driving games but this one is addictive and very funny with either driving or stunt modes.


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Battlefield always has loads of people on it, more since the games gone "classic". I prefer the big maps and different vehicles to the smaller melee style play of stuff like GoW.

I play mainly unranked at the moment because it's easier to arrange to play with my brothers (different ranks). Also it inevitably ends up with us teamkilling each other so it's best not to screw up others ranked games. :rolleyes:

Now they just need to hurry up and bring out Battlefront the Star Wars version updated for 360. I loved that game on Xbox.


forza 2, cod3 and pes6 online are good, though i tend to find a lot of idiots on cod3 and more more idiots on pes6 nower days fooling around.


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I have a few games but mainly only play GOW on live.
I really enjoy live gaming but the idiots sometimes put me off and then you go and get a really good game with a decent lot and it's all worthwhile.


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There is still a strong following for COD2, I tried to play COD3 the other day but there is too much team killing and not enough time in the day to play with 14 years old gobby kids who bought COD3 with their pocket money because its newer thus better than COD2, in hindsight I only play COD2 in private matches, oh and R6 is still good too.

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