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What games am I missing? (Reccomend me some!)


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Hey, I haven't had time to play my 360 much for nearly a year :p
Been saving for other things.

Anyway, here are the games I already own/played and going to get in bold.
Saint's Row
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
Hitman: Blood Money
Table Tennis
Top Spin 2
Gears of War
Virtua Tennis 3
Rainbow 6: LV

I'm sure thats the list so far, so what else do you reccomend I get? I am not into simulation driving much so will give Forza a miss, but do enjoy arcade driving (have Burnout 4 on PS2, that'll do for now :p)

So what else would you reccomend/what have I missed out on?

Thanks! :clap::clap:


Active Member
It depends really what you are into. I for one never thought I'd like Guitar Hero II that much, because I love FPS games. However I tried it and was hooked (and I mean hooked - I have played this game far more than any other, and I played Rainbow 6 ALOT!!

Probably best for you to now wait for GHIII which is out in October I think, unless you can pick up GHII for a bargain.

I also enjoyed The Darkness a lot, but finished the single player in a week.


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I'm another vote for Guitar Hero II but there is also Viva Pinata which is surprisingly addictive once you start. Lego Starwars II is excellent fun too.


Distinguished Member
TDU is good and not overly simmy. It's fun comeas more from the exploration and the whole sandbox nature of the game. Just cruising about with some friends can be great fun.

Command & Conquer 3
- Really good RTS title and although the control is not perfect (and not as good as on the PC) it's pretty decent. This is worth buying on the 360 if you don't have a decent PC.

Bomberman Live - A great XBLA game which i'd certainly recommend for local & live play.

Personally i've waiting for GH3 and wireless controllers before going next gen with that series, but GH2 is a great game.

Oblivion - a must play game (even if RPG's aren't your thing).

COD3 - worth playing if you liked COD2, bit it's not as good IMO.


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I'll skip on Oblivion and GH :p

TDU for sure, I frogot about that, and will read up on The Darkness.


No worries :), TDU is great fun and is a game world that you can easily spend hours in! Certainly one of my fave 360 games to date.


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Crackdown is excellent :)


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Could you enlighten me on it please :)
Is it like Burnout, which incidently I love! (Well Burnout 3 was 10/10!!!)

Very much like, with more destructable environments.

Its like Burnouts twin to be honest, anyway, hunt down the Flatout thread on here where it universally loved (more so than any other game I have seen on here, including Bioshock).

Nemesis X2

Distinguished Member
CONDEMNED... Absolutely awesome game. Brilliant atmosphere, story etc, not to mention brutal melee action and some real jump moments....

It is only £10 on Gameplay now and it is a bargain if ever there was one.

Other than that and the games mentioned, if you like racing games then Moto GP07 has just come out and is great, or 06 is cheap now and also excellent.

Also, if you like sports games, two of the very best imo are NBA 2K7 and NHL 2K7. They are both amazing.


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Cheers, as it is so cheap I might pick it up.

I tried the MotoGP06 demo, wasn't my thing really. And not into NBA or NHL, but will test the demos first.

What are peoples views on Transformers?

And I think I will get The Darkness soon as well! And Halo 1 and 2, I've never owned them (never had XBox1) and so want to play them before Halo 3 spoils me with its graphics.

jason g

Distinguished Member
Going to get Stranglehold as well, and Blazing Angels II, is that any good?

ive got the 1st blazing angels game and i tried the demo and tbh i didnt see much difference in both, u could always get the 1st game as its probably quite cheap now.
stranglehold looks a good game too which is why im getting it.

Halo 1 and 2, I've never owned them (never had XBox1) and so want to play them before Halo 3 spoils me with its graphics.

tbh ive still got halo 2 and tried it the other week.....didnt look good to me so im just waiting for halo 3 to come out but its your choice.


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Download the Demo's off Market Place and test drive the games for yourself.

People have their own preference, if 1, 2 or 20 people in this thread say they like a game that does not mean you will.


Distinguished Member

MotoGP - I hated it to set off with but once you earn a few credits and up your cornering ability you'll be scraping your knee's alongside Rossi in no time...

Burnout Revenge - Brilliant online as you can't cheat, the whole point is to ram your opponents into concrete walls.

Oblivion - prepare to lose a week of your life.

Rainbow 6 - One of the best single player games available, similar to GRAW but much more atmospheric.

Gears Of War - Good while it lasts, good to show off to your mates who dont have a 360 or HD telly.

TDU - Ignore the demo, the full game is much better.


Distinguished Member
The thing is, about the TDU demo, I loved driving around cruising, but I found it hard to control the car.

And from what I hear, the real game has improved a lot!


You can fiddle with the settings to make the car control a lot better - a lot of people missed this bit on the demo. The cars actually control really well and even the bikes are great fun once you get used to them. Flying down a highway weaving in and out of oncoming traffic is great fun!:)


Distinguished Member
I would RECOMMEND that you learn how to spell.

What, like you?

If he had just said he prefers the X360 pad i would have left it at that. But he decided to call the PS3 controller a "gimp". It was obviously a anti PS3 comment and irelevant. There are a few people (and mods) on these forums that stick up for each other and allow trolling.

Should read :-

"It was obviously an anti PS3 comment and irrelevant.

Guess what! None of us are perfect and we all make spelling mistakes, so there really is no need to try and be clever as someone else can always throw the same thing back at you. :)

Oh and i'd love to know what species the mods are if they are not also people :D.

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