What Gamecube bundles to Gamestation sell

Needa know what Gamecube bundles Gamestation sell as I am going to trade in my PS2 for one. I just know I'm gonna regret it though cos I love Vice City and that's the only game I played on the PS2. Is there anyway I can get a second hand Cube from there for an N64, pad, Expansion Pack, F Zero X unboxed and Donkey Kong 64 boxed? I'd like to have both. You see, I want the Cube for all the games I like and I want the PS2 for Vice City. Trust me, I can't like without a Gamecube or Vice City...

So, what bundles do they do?
Okay, I think I may have come up with a solution on how to keep my PS2 and also get a 2nd hand Gamecube. I found the recepit for my N64 and the value for it is £44. I can take it in, get a refund and put £10 towards a 2nd hand Cube! I traded something in, in order to get the N64 so they don't give cash refunds, only trade refunds. Also, since the PS2 is mine now, I can trade in the PS2 games and get some Cube games and GTA Vice City. There! Ain't that a nice solution?

EDIT: Oops, spelt the title wrong. Can the mods please change it to "What Gamecube bundles do Gamestation sell?" Thank you!


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You certainly won't be able to get a refund for your N64 for £44...

When did you buy it? If it's boxed you might get about £15

Gamestation's trade in price for an N64 is £14 for in-store credit or £8 cash. I sold mine to them a few weeks ago
No, I'm not trading it in. I'm getting a refund. Trust me. I can get a refund but not a cash refund. Since I traded to get it in the first place, I have to trade it for something of the same value. I went to GAME and tried to get a refund on Sonic Heroes but I couldn't get a cash refund cos I traded a game and added cash to get it so my Dad traded it (value of £38, what i got it for) for the Alien Quad box set. I've seen Cubes go for at least £55 2nd hand in there. Who knows, maybe I'll see my one in there! I know which one it is cos there are two deep scratches right next to the nameplate.

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If you have recently just got a PS2 as you previously had a cube, why dont you stick with it for a while and save up for a cube. The PS2 back catalogue has a huge amount of quality games, that you could trade your current games for.

If you really must get a cube swap the PS2 for one - there are many forums where you could do this - though you might have to wait a while untill someone offers you what your looking for.

As you have mainly have had a cube - have you not played most of the titles of interest on it anyway?


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Ok, when did you buy your N64 from there? They will not just give you a full refund unless there is something wrong with it.
I got the N64 abouts 2-3 weeks ago. It has a 3 month guarantee. Plus I have not played most of the titles on the Cube cos I've always been broke. Parents don't exactly buy me games. but now I have a job I can buy games. I don't really wanna wait 5 weeks to save up for a Gamecube. After the first week of not having it, that's when things got tense. I only got rid of it cos I had rubbish games that were worth nothing as I had to sell my Wavebird and best games to pay back the debt on the PS2.


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Stop selling stuff, you are losing money doing this! save up for a couple of weeks, because you're only going to want to buy another n64 again :) trust me, I stopped selling stuff when I got rid of my first snes because I only end up buying them again :)

Good Luck anyway,


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Originally posted by eviljohn2
After all the fuss about you needing to get rid of you Gamecube because it was rubbish, and needing a PS2 because it was so much better and had all the games you want :laugh:

I thought exactly the same.

I sold my Amiga years ago and wish i hadnt since then i have kept all my consoles as you always wish you had never sold them.

Save up and then buy a gamecube, that way between you and your Dad you have the a choice of all the latest consoles plus the N64 as a bonus.

Er no! I won't save up for the only games console I've ever loved! The N64 is gonna go for a trade in. I only wanted the N64 for OoT and MM. Now, I'd be able to get them on the Gamecube! I'm gonna have a PS2 AND a Gamecube! I'm gonna phone up Gamestation later on and phone em up asking about my refund and see if they'll do it, if not then the PS2 stays and I get GTA Vice City again. I CANNOT live without Vice City! It's THE BEST game I have EVER played!


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fair enough, but I'm counting the days until you buy another n64 :)
Okay lads, here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna keep the N64 and PS2. Save up for the Mario Kart bundle in Argos. Shouldn't take too long. I'm gonna get the Mario Kart bundle, Free 3rd party controller, free memory card and Mario Sunshine for a tenner which means that I'll have to sae up £110. I'll start saving up after my mum's birthday (22nd March) then I'll let the fun begin! What I am going to do since it's my PS2 now, I'm gonna trade the games I don't want for games I want eg FFX, GTA: VC, DragonBall Z, Burnout 2 and Tony Hawk's 3 and 4. I've got Underground but I do NOT like it that much.

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