What Game Would You Most Like To See On DS ?


Apart from original games of course....

I want CIV !!!


Itd be scarily perfect for the ds.

The original would do me.

Day of the tentacle and Grim Fandango would be nice as well.


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The list is endless. A few choice ones would be any of the LucasArts graphic adventures (Monkey Island, to name but one), which would translate to the DS perfectly. Another I wouldn't mind seeing is Cannon Fodder.


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I'd love to see Chrono Trigger for the DS. I'd just like to play it again. :)

Mark Botwright

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I never got to play Grim Fandango, so that would be nice. If they could manage it, Blade Runner on the PC was basically a graphic adventure.


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Easy choice for me - Tactics Ogre.

The GBA version(The Knight of Lodis, only released in the US) was a masterpiece and one of the finest turn based tactics game available on any platform IMO.

That game would be so well suited to the DS, touchscreen control would just make perfection!

Mark Botwright

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Only problem with something like JSR would be the need to used the D-pad and the stylus. Like Metroid, it's a one way trip to RSI city!!!


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Only problem with something like JSR would be the need to used the D-pad and the stylus. Like Metroid, it's a one way trip to RSI city!!!


it would be nice to see if they could figure something out that wouldnt break your hands.


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Yup those are all top selections!

I would add :-

Speedball 2 with Wi-Fi
Diablo II
Alpha Centauri
Mechwarrior 2:Mercs style


Id like to see mario allstars, just so its full screen and you can use different buttons. The Donkey Kong trilogy as well, the GBA ones arent quite graphical perfect.


Super puzzle fighter turbo 2x (with online of course)
pirates (not bad, could be good on ds)
Gitaroo man (although itd have to play like elite beat agents so not much point)
KATAMARI DAMACY If youve never played either of these on the ps2, you're missing out on 2 games that could easily get in the top ten all time great ps2 games.

Edit: Just discovered it was due for release on ds but got cancelled. Probably due to poor sales, a prime example of an all time classic game that people shunned for the likes of fifa 05 ...............................................................


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Id really like to see Populous come out, loved that game


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Otherwise, some really good pinball games would be ace - Pinball Illusions and Pinball Fantasies would keep me entertained for days. :)

you need a PSP then...
just got these two running on it recently, both play fantastic :)
Also, Chronotrigger runs and looks brilliant on the PSP

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