What fuse shall i use with this AV Reciever?



Hello all,

I recently bought a Philips Digital AV Receiver with surround speakers but it came with a european 2 pin mains plug. I have a plug adaptor but have no idea which fuse to use.
The power supply rating is 220-240V; 50Hz.
Also can i use a UK mains plug? if so what fuse can i use?

hope you can help
5A should suffice. You should have no trouble using a uk plug. Maybe you can use a euro to uk travedl adaptor.
Its the power consumption you should be looking at. If you find that out you can work out what rating you should have the fuse at....
ok, i just checked and the power consumption is 180W. So is a 5A fuse alright to use? i have no clue about this stuff
Power = Current x PotentialDifference
So current=wattage/voltage
max current = 180W/min voltage
max current = 180W/(220V/sqr root of 2)=180/(220/1.4)
fuse required>1.1A

Therefore, a 3A fuse should suffice. I had this fitted on my old Sony STDB930 receiver but had to upgrade to 5A cos it kept blowing. THe receiver is 7 years old and still working.

personally, if I was you, I'd be contacting Philips - or at least checking with your local dealer about this..... Ask if they have a uk version of that model and what fuse it uses!

Our Rotel RSX-1067 receiver has a power consumption rating of 900W and uses a 13A fuse, in the uk plug. Fitting a lower rated fuse isn't going to damage your equipment, but, if it's not the correct rating for your Philips then there's only one thing it's going to do.......blow on you, and probably when you least want it to - ie. loud action packed bit of the movie when everythings exciting but then it all goes quiet.......... :(

I would urge you to get a solid answer on this one before going ahead, and probably not from anybody on here.......unless they happen to be a retailer or Philips dealer etc etc......no offence meant guys!!

Good luck.

My point exactly.......shown above......please don't take this the wrong way FunkyMonkey......

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