What fun things can you do with a DS?


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So I'm thinking of getting one for my fiancee (in white.... so I can play FF3 and not get embarassed). But what else apart from games can this machine do?

My PSP can do films, music and you can custom firmware it to do loads of other shiz too. What can I do with the DS? Just so I'm clued up and can help her get the most out of the machine!


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You can play games, surf the net, watch films, listen to mp3's and run homebrew apps, you need an R4DS though or similar


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You could use it as a guitar soon with Jam Sessions.


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Whats the media player with R4DS like then?

I take it she'd be able to hook up the DS via USB and then it'd appear (with SD card in effect) and she just stick her tracks on?

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