What format has the best version of rocky

tony kop77

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I want to buy rocky but on which format is it best on. I have a gamecube and a psx2.

I was also thinking about upgradeing my pc at xmas my specs are

1.4 Athlon
512 DDR ram
40 gig hard drive IBM 7200rpm
64MB graphicscard KyroII
creative 5.1 soundblaster live soundcard
19 inch monitor [email protected] 0.24-0.25 Pitch

Should i upgrade my grpahics card to 128 mb or upgrade my cpu to the fastest athlon processor you can get at the min


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Please be aware that 128Mb does not always mean increased performance! It generally represents the amount of textures a card can hold before it has to reference the main memory or cache from the Hard Disk. So increased memory usually means better load times and less lag from having to load new textures. There are no current games, which really benefit from the increased memory.

You can get 64 meg cards, which will run circles around a 128 meg card. Pedantics aside, you will notice very little difference from upgrading your CPU, it however you upgrade your Graphix card the increase will be incredible.

The Kyro 2 is an interesting card, but it is a little slow.

How much money do you have to spend?

I would recommend shopping from Komplett.... www.komplett.co.uk.

To give you some idea :-

Budget card - Sapphire Radeon 9000 64Mb - 56.55 - Faster than the Geforce 4 MX's, slightly slower than a full blown Radeon 8500.

Mid-Range card - Abit Siluro Geforce 4 Ti4200 64 Mb OTES - 119.54 - The OTES is important, this card has been rejigged so that the OTES is a super-cooling system. This allows the bog standard Ti4200 to run at speeds of the Ti4400 easily, but at a much cheaper price.

If you are worried about texture rates, games will be coming out soon, which may demand the extra memory to not take performance hits. Also, if you prefer ATi cards, then look at this card.

Sapphire Radeon 9500 Pro 128Mb - 126 - This card is faster than the Geforce 4 Ti 4200, it also is approaching Ti4600 range. It does outperform any NVidia card in Anti-Aliasing (basically rounds off edges to make 3d look more realistic). I would recommend this card, Anti-Aliasing is becoming increasingly important, Jedi Knight 2 on the PC is a good example of how AA takes the game from looking good to looking absolutely bloody amazing.

Big purchase - Sapphire Radeon Pro 9700 - 271 - This card is the daddy. Although if you were considering purchasing this, you would likely have to purchase a new motherboard and CPU. As you have an Athlon 1.4 I assume you don't have a KT333 or KT400 motherboard?

I have always been a Nvidia boy, however the new ATi cards have really transformed them from OEM PCWorld kings to the Gamers new Emporer. Based on your current specs, I would recommend the ATi 9500 Pro.

Upgrading your CPU would be tricky, you would most likely need to look at upgrading your motherboard (another 100 quid), then upgrading your RAM (another 100 quid) to accomodate a newer chip. Not to mention the hidden costs of upgrading PSU's around 60 quid, it can be an expensive game to upgrade your chip.

Hope this helps.

I don't know which format Rocky is best on though :p


IGN put the three versions of rocky head to head

the results

the winner x-box - sluightly more fluid animation
2nd gamecube - nearly as goodas xbox
3rd ps2 apparently awful version. the game suffers serious lag when a player faces bruises. also long loads times.

so if you have a cube go for that version

tony kop77

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I have about £300 to spend i was thinking of the radeon graphics card 9700 pro i think tis called seen it on the net for £240.

I currnetly have 512ddr ram which would be good enough for a new motherboard though my curent board can upgrade to a gig mb.
I have had my computer for a year i just want to keep on top of things i want to carry on playing games smoothly and know you need a powerfull pc for doom 3 i also have broadband.

I have about £300 so do i get processor or do i get graphics card where does my pc lack in your opionon

tony kop77

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I have a EP-8K7A motherboard

tony kop77

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My PC specs are
Epox 8K7A Skt A DDR
AMD Thunderbird 1.4GHZ
Akasa icicle 765 Cooler 1.4GHZ
Inwin IW-S508(pentium4)
512 DDR RAM PC2100
40GB Hard Drive IBM 720rpm
64mb Prophet 4500 (KyroII0
Pioneer 16x40 DVDOEM (Slot)
teac 32x8x8 CDRW Drive
Creative soundbalster live 5.1

What would you suggest i upgrade with £300

Dom H

I think carmack said no gfx card available today will run Doom 3 so if that is what you want to play you'll have to hang on.

...or buy an Xbox


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Doom 3 has been designed to run on the Geforce 4 family, it is directX 8 compatible.

For 300 squids I would recommend buying the ATi Radeon 9500 Pro, half the price of the 9700, but not half the performance!

Save the 150 quids and buy some games, or put it towards broadband.

I am a bit rusty on the FSB stuff, but I believe your Epox Motherboard is 166, I think the CPU you have in it is the best you can really get.

The next step would be to buy a KT400 chipset like the Epox 8K9A. Then a new CPU plus new faster memory like 2700, but that is a real expensive upgrade, 300 may just cover it. You would prolong your PC more though with the 9500Pro.


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The maximum CPU the 8K7A will take depends on the revision number of the board, but IIRC you could put an XP2200+ in it :D

You might want to check the CPU list on EPOX's website, go here:


IMO if this is the case, i would upgrade the processor now (they run cooler and you will notice a good performance boost and wait until after Christmas and upgrade the graphics card.

By then the Radeon 9700 price will come down (after santa has been) and you will start to see the GeforceFX (NV30) start to appear.

Also, the epox will be 133fsb by default, but that doesn't mean you can't overclock it to make it a bit faster (e.g 166fsb), but this will depend on if the CPU and memory can handle higher bus speeds.

Also, i would think about a new motherboard and memory early next year as prices will be cheaper

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