What film should I watch first on new Plasma?


Glenn Keen

So i get my new Panasoinic Plasma tomorrow, combined with my Denon 10SE amp it's movie time.

The question is what Film should I watch first?

I was maybe thinking Gladiator, DTS sound always sounds good and now I'll have a good quality picture to go with it.

Any suggestions?


daren jackson

Snap - just received my Panny - also linking up with a Denon 10se. I was thinking that perhaps AI might be a good starter!


The picture of A.I isn't that stunning.... Its a bit pale and grainy if anything IMO. Better off with Gladiator or any THX disk (like T2). Shrek or Toy Story 2 is also a good eye opener.


bugs life,toy story2,
remember something full screen for a while to break it in
have fun


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may i recommend the fast and furious if your after good pic quality aswell as kick arse sound.may i also recommend you give me your plasma go on mate pppplllllleeeeeaaaassssseeeee lol,hope the plasma is fault free mate an you have plenty of joy watching (lucky sod):D

Dapper Dan

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Decisions, decisions.....
Would you like some advice on which popcorn to eat - salted or sweet? Or shall you drink Pepsi or Coke? If you need help choosing your socks tomorrow put a message out!!


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A bugs life - testing colours

13 ghosts - testing blacks (the movie is crap but excelent to test blacks on tvs)


Titan AE for reds... Crap movie but theres plenty of it for testing purposes and any THX stuff for audio.

Glenn Keen


Thanks for the suggestions!

As my DVD's are in my Sony 301 disk multi changer, I say pick a number, any number! :p

Lord of the Rings sounds like a good idea. Borrowed DVD from a mate to show parents, haven't watched it yet (saw film at theater).

So I guess a bit of popcorn, a Bud or two and three hours will just fly by!

SILVERBACK, Ok you can have it! :clown:
Only 14 hours till I get it! (can you tell I'm excited!):)

Thanks all, again,


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My first DVD on my new Panny last weekend was Lord of the Rings just stunning. Rented Fast and the Furious R2 DTS and the sound was good but lip sync was all over the place.

But just enjoy!

Monsters Inc is on route !! :D Should be great.

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