What else do I need?


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I have my wii coming from amazon on 19th 20th, and was wondering what else I would need to buy to be able to have 2 player games?

Do I need another wiimote and numchuck? Or do I need 2 numchucks and one wiimote?

I dont know what comes in the box.

I assume its better buying wii-play instead of wiimote in its own?

Would like ability to play 4 players if possible but think it is gonna cost too much at the moment lol


What games do you use nunchuck with?:thumbsup:


and some ibuprofen for those aching muscles, i haven't had this much wrist action since i reached puberty :blush:


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There is 512MB of internal memory that should be more than enough for game saves. There is an SD card slot to expand the memory but you will only need to do that if you plan on downloading lots of Virtual Console games.



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It has 512 Mb on board, which is plenty for now, but an SD card will be needed for messing with photos.


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Thanks guys, got all the answers I need. Hopefully the screen on my sp50 will have enough give in it not to smash lol

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